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ABBYY Fine Reader 14 (Corporate/Enterprise)

BBYY FineReader Professional is a true professional OCR with multi-language support, color file recognition, and automatic retention

Manuscript illustration and typesetting format and background batch identification function, users can exchange in exchange for scanning software, OCR, WORD, EXCEL

Now, processing files will be as easy as opening files already archived.

The software only did a functional blast:

1. Skip the FineReader 30-day trial period. Remove FineReader Save File 3 Page Limit

2. Skip the FineReader OCR 30-day trial period. Remove FineReaderOCR 100-page limit for saving files

3. Skip the Comparator 30-day trial period.

4. Skip the HotFolder 30-day trial period.

5. Skip the 30-day trial of ScreenshotReader.

The software is not certified to perfection.

The patch adopts dll hijacking. Please put the patch in the installation directory of ABBYY 14. Executing the patch will release two dlls. After that, you can run the program directly.

Don't mess with the date, no one can save you after adjustment, you must stop ABBYY.Licensing.FineReader.14.0 background service when you need to change the date.

Run Stop_ABBYY_Server to convert ABBYY.Licensing.FineReader.14.0 service status

The ABBYY license service records the latest system time and forcibly stops ABBYY when the clock is slowed down

Download: Google Drive

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